Growing Evidence on Ill Effects of Pesticides

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A new study by American and Canadian researchers associates exposure to pesticides to the rising rates of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children. Time Magazine's Alice Park has the story.

Time mag 5.17.10

A few highlights:

Increasingly, research suggests that chemical influences, perhaps in
combination with other environmental factors — like video gaming,
hyperkinetically edited TV shows and flashing images in educational DVDs
aimed at infants — may be contributing to the increase in attention

Although Bouchard's study did not determine the exact method of exposure
in the participants, youngsters are most likely to ingest the chemicals
through their diet — by eating fruits and vegetables that have been
sprayed while growing — according to the National Academy of Sciences.

In the meantime, Bouchard suggests that concerned parents try to avoid
using bug sprays in the home, and to feed their children organically
grown fruits and vegetables, if possible.

Full story here.

Posted by Shauna Lawyer Struby

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