Happy Hour

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by Lindsay Vidrine

As a new mother of a three-week-old baby boy, my life has recently been upturned. When I sat down to write this post it was difficult to decide what topic to choose. There are many sustainability-related topics to explore when it comes to parenting a newborn – cloth versus disposable diapers, formula vs. breastfeeding (the ultimate organic/local dining experience), and so on.

But in the limited time I have to write this post, I’m going to focus on something I’ve been missing over the last nine months – happy hour. Before the pregnancy test displayed a plus sign, my husband and I enjoyed trying out locally produced wines and beers. Luckily for us, Oklahoma has a wide variety of producers so we were never short of new products to taste test.

Regardless of your palate for wine or brew, there’s plenty of fun to be had experiencing the places where these beverages are made. There is something about walking through a vineyard at sunset or hearing the story of the land directly from the family that owns and picks the grapes that turns a tasting into a full-bodied experience.

The same goes for local beer producers. Micro-breweries typically have intriguing background stories that bring their beer to life. In addition, their smaller size often provides an agility to produce seasonal brew flavors that the big, corporate breweries don’t bother making.

So the next time you find yourself standing in a liquor store aisle trying to find the perfect pairing for dinner, pick up an Oklahoma wine or beer in addition to that old favorite, or even better, make a date to check out a local winery. Many host harvest festivals and a regular line up of events and musicians in addition to tours and tastings.  

Follow these links for more information on Oklahoma wine and beer:




Order a free Oklahoma Wineries brochure, and while you’re there, check out the Land Bounty brochure as well for U-pick farms and other local agritourism experiences.

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