Sustainable OKC (SOKC) is a grassroots organization working at the crossroads of business, environment, and social justice in Oklahoma City. We are an all-volunteer not-for-profit corporation working to promote community sustainability by:

  • facilitating grassroots action
  • fostering awareness of sustainability
  • serving as an informational and networking resource in the Oklahoma City area

Sustainable OKC began in spring 2005 as a local chapter of the Oklahoma Sustainability Network (OSN). In July 2013, Sustainable OKC became a program of the Oklahoma Sustainability Network. For more information about OSN and the history of the organization, visit www.oksustainability.org.


What is sustainability?

Sustainable OKC uses the United Nations definition of sustainability:

Sustainability: meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

At Sustainable OKC, sustainability is based on the interaction of business, environment and social justice. We feel that these topics should be addressed not separately, but rather in a way that acknowledges the inherent and beneficial interaction among them. We envision a community in which businesses are socially and environmentally responsible; in which the improvement of our environment is a mainstream, non-political activity that contributes to our economy; and in which social justice is given equal weight with business and environment in establishing community priorities.

SOKC Programs

Through a variety of collaborative programs, events and workshops, Sustainable OKC provides the general public and its members with news about sustainability and related topics, events and resources for the Oklahoma City community and beyond.


  • Green Drinks: a happy-hour event where community members fellowship and discuss sustainability issues, solutions and resources
  • Buy Fresh Buy Local: working to strengthen the local food system in central Oklahoma by connecting families with fresh foods from local farms

SOKC also hosts a variety of hands-on workshops, film screenings, fundraisers and other events, which are listed on the sustainable events calendar.

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